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From the Chairman's Desk
       Sk Erfanul Haque
      M.Sc & M.Phil (1st Class),
      B.Ed, Ph.D (Persuing)

Erisa Mission & Research centre is the latest educational initiative of ‘Sk Erfanul Haque Charitable Trust’, under the leadership of the visionary Sk Erfanul Haque —-a Microbiologist as well as Molecular Biologist.
When we decided to establish Erisa Mission & Research centre in 2021, only one perspective was there in our mind. We wanted to initiate such an institution which can fulfill the meaning of real educational system.
We believe that education means overall development of all students- mentally and physically. That is why from the beginning of Erisa Mission & Research centre.
We also realize that career counselling is very much important for every student from class-v onwards, so that they can nourish their dreams to be an established person in life. Keeping this ideal in mind, we already have started career counselling by qualified career counsellors in School.

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